Testimonials from The Carr Brothers

Trustees have recently received testimonials from both David Carr and Richard Carr, former recipients in Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon and Biathlon.


“I am truly grateful for the support and funding that KT4YS has provided me in my national sporting achievements. This funding has subsidised the cost of my equipment for the five disciplines I need to excel in. It has also contributed to the cost of attending multiple international trips for training in Hungary and competitions in Portugal.

2013 was an extremely successful time for me in the run up to the Youth Olympics Qualifier in Portugal. My training was preparing me well to take on the world youth athletes in Modern Pentathlon in the coming year. However, one muscle seizure during one training changed the whole course of my training. Consultations, MRI scans, treatments, physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions could not repair the injury swiftly. When injury strikes a national athlete, it is one of the cruellest and most frustrating situation an athlete can find themselves in. Even more so, when the injury is not easily treatable due to difficulty in diagnosis. I had to be patient.

When I met the KT4YS Trustees, I was taken aback and very encouraged by their trust and believe in me. Their positive motivation, support and offers of medical help gave me the perseverance to ride through this injury which needed time to heal naturally. They also recognised my sporting talent despite PentathlonGB HQ withdrawing their support after finding out that I could not get a study placement at the University of Bath.

My initial goal was to represent GB in World and Olympic Competitions. I am still hoping for this to happen whilst keeping my fitness levels at their optimum level. During this injury period, I achieved my Level 2 Fencing Coach Certificate, did my Apprenticeship in Horse Care and Management which includes three hours of daily riding, and carried on training at Wellington Fencing Club and Bridport Barracuda Swimming Club in Bridport Leisure Centre, West Dorset.

I am cautiously getting back into the competing through initial fencing competitions so not to cause a recurrence in my injury. So far, I have been able to endure two long days of fencing competitions in 2016 – Birmingham International – ranked 22 out of 83 and Bill Hoskyns Open – ranked 15 out of 59. This is a big boost in my confidence to getting back into competition. I am not finished yet!

Once again, I would like to thank KT4YS for their support and believing in my potential. They have helped me focus my efforts in an experience I will never forget. Every step I take nearer to my goal is reflected in the confidence KT4YS has in my sporting career.”


“Being the second son in the family needing equipment for a costly sport, KT4YS has certainly helped with the invaluable funding they’ve apportioned to me. The rising cost of equipment, training and competition fees, and travelling and accommodation for national and international competitions have certainly made our budget tight as the central funding within Pentathlon GB was cut.

In 2015, I was at the pinnacle of my sport when I won the British Youth U17 Boys Modern Pentathlon that year. I went on to represent GB in Portugal, Spain and Czech Rep. The training week in Portugal was a good experience in acclimatising before the competition.

Little did I know that I was going to experience the toughest year of my sporting career in 2016. After coming back from the Internationals, I was devastated to find out that the PentathlonGB World Class Talent Programme (WCTP) Manager was taking me off the WCTP – based on my minimal improvement in one discipline – running. This was despite excelling in the other four disciplines. On top of that, I was beginning my final preparations for my GCSEs. To make things worse, my swimming club was going through turmoil with no head coach and proper leadership. So, the last straw was for me to join another swimming club which meant readjusting to new routines. Psychologically, I was at my lowest point. I wasn’t in any state of mind to train let alone compete.

I was very grateful for the timely funding from KT4YS. The trustees’ recognition of my on-going efforts and belief in me has re-motivated me and given me self-confidence to take my competing to the next level. And that was exactly what I did. After a well-earned holiday after my GCSEs, I came back strong becoming Joint Champion in the British Youth U17 National Tetrathlon Championship – beating all the WCTP Athletes but one. Needless to say, I was invited back on to the WCTP with immediate effect.
The end of 2016 also brought on a few medical and physical problems. After numerous consultations and physiotherapy sessions, I discovered that my physical limitations were not allowing me to train properly in the running discipline of the Modern Pentathlon. Regretfully, I am hanging up my running shoes. However, that is not going to stop my involvement in sports. It is merely changing my course of direction and transferring my skills to a sport where my physical limitations will not hamper my progress.

I would like to express my thanks to the KT4YS Trustees for trusting in me, believing that I have the potential and giving me unconditional support which has allowed me to make decisions which will ultimately get me to my goal of representing GB on a global scale. I am truly indebted.”


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