Club/Organisation application form

    Please upload a copy of your signed constitution or set of rules (word, pdf and jpeg files only).

    Please provide the name of your National Governing Body and affiliation number (if relevant).


    Please provide information about your most recent annual accounts (preferably audited)

    Accounts year ending:

    Please upload a copy of these accounts (word, pdf and jpeg files only).

    If your accounts are showing a high level of savings/reserve funds, please clarify if there is any particular purpose / future planned use for it?

    Please provide details of ALL your predicted project costs (not just what you are seeking a grant for)

    How did you hear about KT4YS?

    Please upload any documents to provide further evidence supporting information regarding any of the above sections of the application (word, pdf and jpeg files only).

    I confirm that I am authorised to sign this declaration and the proposal falls within the objects and powers of the organisation. The information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. If the application is successful the organisation will only use the grant for the purposes specified in the application and will comply with all the conditions of the grant. This organisation has not received funding from any other source for the costs that we are asking Kent Trust for Youth Sport to fund. A false declaration may result in Kent Trust for Youth Sport withdrawing or reclaiming part or all of any grant made. *

    Please remember that the deadlines for applications are as follows:

    Cornwallis Sporting Excellence Awards for Individuals
    Sports Grants for Clubs and Community Organisations